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Dynamic Qigong




26 Class Package

About the Course

Learn how to use the energy of Dynamic Qigong to strengthen your body, boost your immune system, and accumulate internal energy and power.

Our dynamic Qigong involves explosive movements and smooth movements coordinated with deep breathing and awareness.

The practice is to develop inner power and flexibility throughout the body and then use it to restore our energy.

With just 1 hour of practice, you can increase vitality, inner power, strength, and balance.

This Qigong class is designed for those who want to experience a deeper level of Qigong for cardiovascular power and fitness.

This class benefits both men and women.

Dynamic Qigong

26 Class Package $359

($161 Saving over single class)

Classes: Tuesday & Thursday

Time: 7:15 PM (1-Hour class)

  1. Session 1 begin 3/2/23 - 5/30/23

  2. Session 2 begin 6/1/23 - 8/31/23

  3. Session 3 (24 Class Package) $330 begin 9/5/23 - 11/30/23

Your Instructor

Grace Gerson

Grace Gerson

TO- LAOSHI – (Brown Sash)

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