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How to Stay Healthy all Year Long with Qigong.

During winter, our classes focused on performing Qigong exercises to maintain strong kidneys and immune system. The kidneys are especially important for generating internal energy.

We're getting closer to the Spring season. As the seasons change, so does our energy.

Qigong exercises are a powerful way of enhancing our balance to get the most out of the changing seasons.

Ancient Chinese medicine believed that the energy of humans and the universe are connected, and we should be living in harmony with the natural cycles of the earth.

That is why we created a NEW program that will begin this Spring: the Four Seasons Qigong Program.

Sadana Center Four Seasons Qigong will specialize in training the five internal Yi organs: liver, heart, spleen, lungs, and kidneys which correspond to the four seasons of the year. Students will learn how to regulate the body from one season to the next to avoid common illnesses.

By participating in our Four Seasons Qigong, you can adjust your body’s Qi during the change of seasons so your health can be maintained.

We have divided this program into two Membership Packages: Dynamic Qigong and Qigong for Women.

Each package (lasting for a specified number of weeks) will provide you with specific, easy-to-learn Qigong exercises that will keep you healthy throughout the season, and stimulate the meridians and organs.

These exercises will help you prevent energy stagnation, pain, and injury, boost your immune system, improve your mental and physical state, and reduce stress and deeply relax.

Session 1 (20 class Package) begins 3/21/23 - 5/25/23

Once the class package ends you can register for the next one.

Four Seasons Qigong is the key to optimal health and vitality. It will teach you how to harmonize with the seasons to increase your vitality and prevent disease.

Our Four-Season Qi Gong Program is suitable for adult students of all levels. No prior experience is necessary.

Please read the class descriptions here as Dynamic Qigong and Qigong for Women are 2 totally different programs.

Register online or call us at (727) 458-9123 for more information, or if you prefer to register by phone.

Love & Qi!

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