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White Tiger Energy in Sadana Center

Last Saturday we held the workshop "Happy Bones and Joints with White Tiger Qigong."

Happy Bones and Joints Workshop
"Happy Bones and Joints" White Tiger Qigong Workshop

The participants had a great time learning the first 12 movements of the Tiger style, they learn calligraphy, The five elements, Taoist Alchemy, Healing sounds, Mudras, and Numerology "Shu".

Thank you so much to all that participated in this special class!

See you on the White Tiger Qigong Part 2!

Thank you all for your participation!

As I always explain in my classes with the arrival of the Autumn Season, allergies and joints problems come hand in hand.

Even me, who during all these 20 years living in this country had never suffered from allergies, last weekend I began to experience the change of the season.

With the coming of the metal element (Fall Season), the energy of the tiger also comes to us, which is the totem of the West connected with the autumn, and the tiger is connected with the Lungs, bones, tendons, and joints.

Blue Sash Deborah Rosen teaching the White Tiger Qigong.

That is why last night we had a special class with the beginner's group.

I invited the Sadana Center Instructor School students to teach the essence of the White Tiger Qigong.

Blue Sash Carmen Jacaj teaching the White Tiger Qigong.

The beginner students had access to learn the movements of the tiger and ask questions about the Qigong practice.

Blue Sash Grace Gerson teaching the White Tiger Qigong.

My deep thanks to the Blue Sashes (Assistant Instructors): Carmen Jacaj, Deborah Rosen, and Grace Gerson who passed on the benefits of this ancient QiGong to the new students.

We all roar with the tiger energy!

Through regular practice of the Tiger form, you will strengthen the lung function, create stronger joints and tendons, improve bone density, clean your bone marrow, help with allergies, increase the "Qi" energy on your whole body, and reinforce your immune system.

Also, the White Tiger Qigong helps you to find relief from stress and anger, leaving you feeling calm, peaceful, happier, and healthier.

Visit our Gallery Page where a video of White Tiger Qigong Part I is available for purchase.

We recognized our students Deanna N. and Deborah C. who received their Red Sashes.

But the special night did not end with the White Tiger class. We had a Promotional Ceremony where we recognized our students Deanna N. and Deborah C. who received their Red Sashes.

Keep up the good Qi!.

Congratulations Dragons!

In our next post, we will talk about the Tai Chi of the Eight Immortals, an esoteric Tai Chi form that is not popular in America, like other Tai Chi styles, and you can only learn it here at Sadana Center.

Love & Qi healing!

Master Shifu Orlando Schiaffino

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