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About Sadana Center

Master Shifu Orlando Schiaffino.

Master Shifu 
Orlando Schiaffino
Founder/ Owner

Master Shifu Orlando Schiaffino, a 1992 graduate of Law School at San Martin de Porres University in Lima, Peru; with Postgraduate studies in Business Administration and Marketing is the Owner and Founder of Sadana Center.


Master Shifu Orlando Schiaffino is also a professional martial artist with more than 48 years of training and has been teaching for over 20 in the Tampa Bay area. His training began at the age of 7 years old when he took his first Martial Arts class.


As a younger adult, he lived and studied in the Buddhist Temple Tian-Tan (Temple of Heaven) in Lima. Peru.


He studied the Chinese Martial Arts Quan - Fa (Five Animals), White Crane Qi Gong, Dao Yin Kan, Buddhist Qigong, Buddhist Philosophy; Meditative Arts, and Oriental Healing methods under the direction of the Honorable Grand Master Yin Lung Tsa.


In 1989 he learned under Grand Master Gerardo Lau Laos a system of combat-free style San Da, Taoist QiGong, “Five elements principles”, Bagua Palms, Taoist Alchemy, Yijinji science, Herbal medicine, Li Da Tapping Qigong, Long & Hu massage- Dragon and Tiger, Taoist Healing sounds, Taoist Mudras & Healing Arts.


It was until 2000 when Shifu began his personal journey, leaving his professional life in the past and came to the United States.


Since then, Shifu Orlando has taught his Qigong knowledge and the classical Chinese arts that he learned from his mentors.


He is a teacher, the kind of teacher who guides by example and compassion.


His life's work is to respond to the need for us to know ourselves better while finding peace and balance in our busy lives.


He shows us that we are already perfect and complete. We have not been cast adrift in the Universe, everything we need is easily found within.


Over the years Shifu Orlando continued to train and expand his Qigong knowledge under some of the best Qigong mentors: Master Zhao Jiang, Master Li Wang, and Master Zhongxian Wu (Taoist Shamanic Qigong Fu Lu).


Master Schiaffino offers Tai Chi and Qigong classes, workshops, seminars, instructor training Programs, Healing and Meditation to provide opportunities for students to deepen their study of traditional Daoist practices.

Ana Tosta Manager of Sadana Center.

Ana M.Tosta


Ana Tosta is the Manager of Sadana Center.

Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, Ana graduated from UCAB Andrés Bello Catholic University with a Bachelor's degree in Journalism & Mass Communication, Broadcasting.

Former Television Producer at RCTV, one of the most important Television networks in Venezuela. 

Simo Ana is responsible of Sadana Center appointments, students registration, events, website, social media, Email marketing campaigns, customer service, and Administrative support.

Ana also designs the semi-precious stones Chakra healing jewelry that we sell in our online store.


Her designs are inspired by the natural beauty of the stones and their magical healing and mystical power. 

Her jewelry is infused with positive energy. Once Ana has finished her creations, her pieces are energized with Reiki (ancient healing symbols) and mantras by  Shifu Orlando to restore the wearer body and open obstacles.


Shop Our Healing Jewelry here.

the roots of Sadana Center

The roots of Sadana Center

The roots of Sadana Center comes from the Peruvian Hakka Chinese Community ( Macao, Canton, Guandong) with strong roots in External and Internal concepts.


Masters who migrated to Peru in 1945 during the Chinese cultural revolution with the President Mao Tse Tung. The influence of hard styles Chinese red army Hakka Wei Dan & Nei Dan.

The philosophical and spiritual components of our school are deeply rooted in the Buddhist and the Taoist tradition with cultivation in Meditation, Healing Arts, Cha Dao the Art of Tea, Taoism food components, Herbal Medicine, Li-Da Tapping Qigong, Long & Hu massage- Dragon and Tiger- and the ancient school of Shamanic Mountain Emei Fulu Qigong.

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