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Gift Certificate (digital)

60 Min - Sound Bath Meditation $40


We all love to experience things that make us feel good - and now you can pass that feeling on to your loved ones with a Sadana Center Gift Certificate.


This is a unique and thoughtful gift that your friends, family, and loved ones will truly appreciate.


Your loved one will receive their Gift Certificate via email.

The Gift Certificate ($35 value) can only be redeemed towards our monthly Sound Bath Meditation at Sadana Center.

Our Sound Bath Meditation is on the third Saturday of each month.


The Gift Certificate cannot be used to purchase products in our online store.


At checkout, add the recipient's full name, email, and phone number.

The recipient will receive an email with the Gift Certificate.

The buyer will receive a copy of the email.




The recipient will call (727) 225-3990 or (727) 458-9123 to reserve a spot in our meditation.


More information about Sadana Center Sound Bath Meditation here

To purchase an eGift Card to be used ONLY in our online shop click here

Sound Bath Meditation Gift Certificate

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