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Sadana Center

Qigong, Tai Chi & Holistic Healing

Dramatically Improve your Mental, Emotional & Physical Health.

About Sadana Center

Welcome to Sadana Center, the only place in the Tampa Bay area that combines Tai Chi with the real roots of the ancient Chinese Qigong.

Our highly experienced Master Shifu Orlando Schiaffino, founder, and owner is totally dedicated to your healing journey. Shifu Orlando also offers Personal Training, workshops, seminars, Holistic Therapies, and Meditation.  


Take a look through our site to learn about Shifu Orlando, our services, and upcoming events.

Love & Qi!​

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Shifu Orlando

Bringing ancient wisdom to your modern life.

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Master Shifu Orlando Schiaffino a professional martial artist with more than 30 years training is the Owner and Founder of Sadana Center.


As a younger adult he lived and studied in a Buddhist Temple in Lima, Peru.


Since 2000, Shifu Orlando has taught in the U.S. his Tai Chi and Qigong knowledge and the traditional Chinese arts that he learned from his mentors.

Shifu Orlando
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Dynamic Qigong &
Qigong for women.
Session 1 begins 3/21/23 - 5/25/23

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Tai Chi & Qigong Classes

Join one of our memberships today and explore for yourself how the Tai Chi and Qigong practices can help heal and transform all aspects of your well-being, mind, body, and spirit.

Sound Bath Meditation

Our Sound Bath is a meditative experience where the waves of frequencies created by sacred instruments travel throughout our body helping us to release emotions and conflicts that are in our old memory. 

Next Event: 4/15/23