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What Qigong can do for me? Hear it from our students. (Part I)

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

When somebody want to learn Qigong, they come to us. Sadana Center is the only place in the Tampa Bay area that teaches the Real Roots of Chinese Qigong.

Usually people know about TaiChi, but they don't know what Qigong is and its benefits, or don't know if it's for them.

Qigong has many health benefits. You can increase vitality, improve medical conditions, improve and prolong the quality of life, among many others benefits.

Qigong Fan
Qigong Fan. 2022

We have prepared a blog posts series with students writing about their experience.

So you can hear it from them directly instead of us.

As promised here is the first testimony.

"I became a student at Sadana Center a little over four years ago. I didn’t know anything about Qigong at the time, but I had attended one of Shifu’s Saturday meditations and the feelings of calm and peace were so amazing I decided to see what the center had to offer.

Sadana Center Meditation 2018
Sadana Center Meditation 2018

My first class was so different from anything I had done before. I was a little awkward and stiff, but Shifu and the other classmates were very welcoming and created a safe space in which to explore.

Sadana Center students 2019

Before long, the awkwardness melted away and my confidence grew.

I left each class feeling peaceful and recharged, looking forward to practicing what I’d learned at home.

Sadana Center class 2019
Sadana Center class 2019

Many of the movements work through stagnation in the body as well as excess emotions.

When my mother was dying of cancer, Shifu taught me Taichi Sun, which helped me build inner power so I could be more present, and maybe courageous, too.

Sadana Center class 2019
Sadana Center class 2019

It was a difficult time for me, but I found the daily practice very steadying. The movements, breathing, and visualizations work on the physical body and also counteract more difficult emotions of fear, anger, anxiety, sadness and grief, and overthinking.

Sadana Center class 2019
Sadana Center class 2019

So now, whenever I find myself stressed or overwhelmed, I can think about what Qigong practice I’ve learned that can help me come back to my center.

Shifu is always open to sharing his knowledge about Qigong, food, and how to stay healthy.

Sadana Center Meditation 2018
Sadana Center Meditation 2018

We practice abdominal breathing and healing sounds. He loves to answer questions and shares many allegories he learned in the temple in Peru where he studied with the masters.

abdominal breathing Qigong exercises
abdominal breathing Qigong exercises

I am beyond grateful to have Qigong and the Sadana Center in my life".

Thank you so much to our student D. for your testimonial!.

Thank you for reading our blog. Stay tuned for our next post with another testimonial.

If you have any questions or would like to register for our classes please call (727) 458-9123

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Love & Qi Healing!

Shifu Orlando & Simo Ana

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