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Exploring the Health Benefits of Dou: The Ancient Qigong Heart Dance

The ancient Qi Gong Masters spoke of each individual possessing a distinct internal musical rhythm. This concept may be challenging for Westerners to grasp as they have not encountered it firsthand. However, as my students delve into these practices, they begin to sense the energy of "Qi".

Qigong workshop Sadana Center

Participating in inner dancing, also called "Dou," can help unlock our Five energy gates and twelve meridians (Yin and Yang), aiming to return to our fundamental "Qi" state according to Taoist Chinese Medicine.

Engaging in these movements enables us to create a potent internal massage that aids in releasing the five negative emotions (anger, anxiety, overthinking, sadness, and fear).

releasing the five negative emotions (anger, anxiety, overthinking, sadness, and fear).

This internal dance allows our heart to sense the unity among heaven, earth, and humanity, thus awakening our awareness.

Prior to beginning any Qigong routines, we initiate with "Dou" shaking, a form of heart dance. This shaking technique bears resemblance to shamanic rituals involving dance and drumming.

Ancient shamans viewed the Universal Qi as a harmonious musical rhythm, a universal vibration. By shaking, the body and Shen (Spirit) are directed towards the universal vibrations we encounter.

Qigong class at Sadana Center

During our classes, we employ various healing sounds or mantras to unlock the meridians and all body cells, establishing a link with universal energies and aligning with the universal Qi.

Furthermore, through continued practice, we can develop the ability to open our hearts and sense the bond between ourselves and nature.

Tai Chi and Qigong class at Sadana Center

I enjoy engaging in the practice of shaking during my Shamanic Emei QiGong cultivation. This practice nurtures my spirit (Shen), provides me with abundant "Qi" energy, and allows me to access profound levels of wisdom, joy, and inner peace.

If you are interested in learning more about the genuine roots of Chinese QiGong, feel free to explore or reach out to us at 727-225-3990. Take advantage of our Tai Chi and Qigong classes Membership Summer Special by signing up today and getting your first month for only $69.99.

Sending love and Qi healing your way!

Master Shifu Orlando Schiaffino.

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