Our Chinese New Year Celebration!

We want to send a big THANK YOU to everyone who participated in our Chinese New Year 2021 Online Celebration last Friday and helped make it a success!

We are so very grateful for our students, families, and friends who took part in the celebration.

Thank you so much for joining us!

The event started with Shifu Orlando sharing a Satsang (story) "Observe Your Mind",

and chanting the mantra "Om" the supreme energy, 21 times with the participants.

With the Satsang, Shifu described how important is to observe your thought, words, and actions.

Why do we chant "Om"21 times? You might ask yourself. Because 2 + 1= 3

In the Chinese tradition, the #3 connect heaven, earth, and humanity.

When we chant, everything changes inside us, so as a result, everything changes outside.

Shifu Chanting the mantra "Om" with the participants.

Also, we did the Ritual of Gratitude. Shifu explained how important is to raise our vibration to heal ourselves with breathing, healing sounds, and gratitude.

During our Chinese New Year celebration, and following Shifu's traditions we did the Incense ritual. Shifu Orlando burned 3 incenses that represent: the past, present, and future (heaven, earth, and humanity)

The past is the people that are not with us anymore but still is in spirit.

The second incense: the people that are with us at this moment.

The 3rd incense, those people that will come to our Kwon (Sadana Center) and the people that will come to our lives.

After we finish the Incense ritual, Shifu played the Gong 12 times welcoming the New Year 2021!

The Gong creates good energy, the vibration moves the stagnation, and it moves the bad energy away. Every Gong stroke represents each animal from the Chinese Zodiac, and after playing it 12 times we wished happiness, long life, and prosperity!

Sending Qi energy!!

We congratulated the students who are the ox in the Chinese zodiac: Debbie R., Katherine C., and Rachel S.

Something that Sadana Center does every year during the Chinese New Year Celebration is the Student Recognition Awards: The Phoenix and Dragon 2020.

This year the recognition went to Grace Gerson, Dragon 2020, and Paul Martanovic, Phoenix 2020 for their outstanding dedication to the Taichi & Qigong practice.

Announcing the Winners of our Giveaway.

Our student Rachel S. won the New Year 2021 Bracelet energized with Fu Qi.

A special congratulations to:

  • Rachel S., the winner of the New Year 2021 bracelet energized with Fu Qi.

A one-of-a-kind genuine Red Carnelian, Black Tourmaline, and Lava stone bracelet with a stainless steel gold accent bead.

  • Kathy W. and Paul M. the winners of a Personalized Face Mask Lanyard.

  • Grace G. and Carmen J. the winners of 1-Month Online Membership Qigong Classes.


Paul's Adjustable Face Mask Lanyard is ready!

We want to say THANK YOU to every one of you for participating!.

Also, THANK YOU to those that sent a Hong Bao Gift to Shifu even though they couldn't attend the online celebration.

We wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year 2021!

Love & Qi!

Master Shifu Orlando Schiaffino

Simo Ana &

The Young Dragon Salvatore.

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