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The ideal position to receive the benefits of a Sound Bath.

My Master always told me that all human beings are like seeds.

The seeds generally "awaken" and germinate well when they open to receive the energy of the earth, they are nourished by its minerals, and by receiving all that love they can grow.

In the same way, to heal ourselves in body, mind, and spirit, we must open ourselves without fear and receive the energy of Mother Earth and the entire Universe.

In all ancient shamanic cultures, it is said that mother earth has her own heart and that every second it emits a heartbeat that we can no longer hear because with the accelerated life and daily stress we have disconnected from her.

And this is where the position of the seed comes into play.

When we adopt the seed position we are open to receive.

The Seed Position

We lie on the ground as if we were a seed, we spread our legs so that the hips, which are the doors of the lower part of the body, open to receive.

Our arms should be separated and relaxed with the palms of our hands facing the sky to open ourselves up to receive the energy of the sun.

On Earth, the main source of energy is the sun.

In all spiritual energy treatises such as the Tibetans, Taoists, Buddhists, Hindus, and Shamans, they tell us that the body is a spider web where everything is connected, that is why the palms of the hands are connected to the heart.

And it is that as an old proverb says, everything we receive from the hands and deliver with the hands comes from the heart.

The shoulders are the gates of the upper body and by relaxing them the energy of the upper body begins to flow.

Finally, in the seed position is the head which is represented by the emotions and the door of the spirit.

The door of the head is the crown and it is located at the top of the cranial vault or just above the head, it is the last energy center.

That door is the one that connects with the divine energy of creation and the spiritual search that leads us to the enlightenment of understanding who we truly are and our connection with the cosmos.

Thus, by practicing the exercise of the seed, we open ourselves to receive all the healing energy of the earth and the frequency of the Universe.

Remember when you come to Sadana Center for our monthly Sound Bath Meditation on November 19th @ 10:00 am open up like a seed so that you can germinate, heal and expand with lots of love.

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This is our energy healing protocol at Sadana Center accompanied by deep breathing techniques to prepare ourselves to receive a sound bath of healing energy.

"The seed position is the ideal position to receive the benefits of a sound bath".

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Love & Qi!

Shifu Orlando.

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