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How to boost your immune system in 20 seconds.

What we can do to build our immune system in addition to eating properly, sleeping well, exercising, and limiting stress?

There is a moment during our Qigong classes when we practice the ancient technique called Li Da or Tapping.

We can do tapping all over our body, but when we tap over the chest with our fingers we are “waking up” our thymus gland.

Tapping over the chest area for only 20 seconds will stimulate and boost your immune system, and it will cause many positive neuro-physiological changes in your body. It will give you instant energy and clarity as well as open up your sinuses.

What is the significance of the thymus gland?

What is the significance of the thymus gland, and why should we give it special attention?

The thymus gland lies just beneath the upper part of our sternum, between the lungs and above the heart.

The thymus gland is the master gland of our immune system. It is a part of our lymphatic system and produces thymosin, a hormone necessary for T cell production.

The T-lymphocytes, or killer T cells circulate through our bloodstream, find those viruses and destroy them.

But the thymus is also involved in the endocrine system and the endocrine glands release hormones into the bloodstream. Those endocrine hormones help to control our mood, growth, and development.

The thymus is in its prime from childhood through adolescence, when it reaches its maximum size and produces the full supply of T cells that the body uses throughout its lifetime.

This gland slowly shrinks as we get older. In adults, the thymus begins to lose its ability to produce T cells, typically stopping production around the age of 50.

At this point, we have to use the T cells still active in the body.

This degeneration causes a reduced immune response, making us more susceptible to illness. Hormonal changes in the body caused by stress, trauma, and aging seem to trigger this condition.

In China, within the Taoist tradition, the thymus gland is known as “the little heart” and is considered the seat of the will to live and is connected energetically to all the different organs and meridians. (pathways of Qi flow).

When one is healthy, this inherent will to live causes it to respond immediately to stress but also prevents infections and disease.

The diminishing capacity of the physical thymus gland is accelerated by stress, trauma, negative emotions, social isolation, etc. Conversely, it maintains its physical function longer and stimulates the creation of energetic immunity by connecting to the emotional attitudes of love, trust, gratitude, and other positive states.

It responds to movement, breath, and meditation, making Tai Chi and Qigong beneficial activities; massage, energy healing, tapping Qigong, sound, and color therapy, singing, positive affirmations, and prayer can all be effective, especially when directed at the thymus.

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A Fast and Effective Technique.

So let me show you how fast and effective this tapping technique is.

Although, something you should know before doing this technique, is not to do it before going to bed because this will increase your energy and can affect your sleep.

Take one or two of your fingers and place them over the sternum area. In that area where you feel an indentation like a ridge or U, as you go down about an inch and a half you'll feel a hard bone going through the sternum area which will be our reference point.

You're going to take three or four fingers from your hand and you're going to tap.

By tapping we are stimulating the thymus gland, and you will get an adrenaline-release response.

After you finish tapping, you will get a lot of energy. Any change you feel is good.

Tapping is very powerful on the nervous system and after 20 or 30 seconds of tapping you will stop and as you sit there and relax you will feel the changes come over you.

So I challenge you to try tapping first thing in the morning, you'll feel that burst of energy and your day will be more productive.

This will not only strengthen your immune system, but it will help all of your bodily systems be strong and healthy.

During our classes, when we tap on the chest, we pay little attention to our amazing thymus gland!

Please share this post with your friends and family, leave your comments below, and most importantly have a great day!

Love & Qi healing!

Shifu Orlando

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