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Healing Transformation with a Peruvian Whistle Vessel

The first time I saw a Peruvian water whistle vessel, I know I wanted one for myself.

The one in the video was made especially for me and shipped from my native country Peru just a few weeks ago.

These intriguing shamanic tools are estimated to have been made around 500 BC - 1200 AD, and the majority of them find in Peru. These beautiful art pieces can be found in many museums and are usually unique in exterior design.

My unique clay instrument with a bird shape was designed by a Peruvian artisan, one of the few people in Peru that make these types of instruments, and I am very excited to play it for the first time in our Spiritual Awakening Meditation this Saturday.

The vessel is also known as a "silbador". Here is the video to hear what the whistle vessel sounds like.

When these vessels were first found, anthropologists initially thought they were nothing more than ornate liquid containers. Now we know, the vessels were used as shamanic tools used in ceremonies by ancient cultures to call spirits for protection.

Shifu's whistling vessel, also known as a "silbador" in a bird shape.
Shifu's whistling vessel, also known as a "silbador" in a bird shape.

Base on research the vessels produce unique pure tones that can increase relaxation, change the production of hormones in the body, reduce anxiety and stress, help with pain management, and improve sleep. The beat frequency elevates consciousness and enhances body functions.

Regardless of what a person hears, the resulting experiences are always transformative.
This was the package shipped from my native country Peru.

Come and join us this Saturday for our Spiritual Awakening Meditation where I will play the

Peruvian whistle vessel and other sacred instruments.

Please book online as we are not accepting walk-ins at this time. Face masks are required. Bring your own pillow and mat and get ready to enjoy a period of freedom from your daily tasks and chores, from stress and problems, and at the same time renew your energy, experience inner peace, and be a happier person!

If you enjoyed this post, and you know anyone who may benefit from it, I’d be very grateful if you’d help it spread by sharing the link with them.

Love & Qi Healing!!!

Master Shifu Orlando Schiaffino

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