The Flute of the Elders from my Country Peru.

"Welcome to my Healing Room" Series. Part #2

Last week we started the "Welcome-to-my-Healing-Room" series, where I was sharing information about the sacred instruments that I use during my healing sessions.

I showed you the aerophones as an ancient form of sound healing.

Vibration of the aerophones removes stagnation

The vibration of the aerophones removes the stagnation and emotions in our bodies and create a state of peaceful mind to help people to find balance and deep release.

You can read part #1 from the "Welcome-to-my-Healing-Room" series here

Today, I will talk about the fascinating "Flute of the elders", an instrument that is kept under the Amazon waters to guard his magical powers and sounds.

The flute of the elders, also known as the harmonica flute, is from my country Peru.

This beautiful flute is connected to the shamanic tradition of the ancient tribes in the jungle of South America and is only play by the great authorities of the tribes, The Shaman or by the persons who have the blessing of using it.

Shifu Orlando Schiaffino playing the Flute of the Elders.

The Flute of the elders is used by different tribes that connect with the ancient spirit of the Amazon River and that tradition unites the legacy of the countries of Peru, Brazil, Colombia, and Venezuela.

All these ancient tribes that live in the Amazon keep their flutes under the water of the rivers offering them to the spirits of the jungle.

The flute is connected to the shamanic tradition of the ancient tribes in the jungle of South America .

They are only used in special ceremonies with (icaros- medicine songs) dances and offerings with sacred plants are performed where the shaman will communicate with the spirits of the waters of the Amazon River.

How the flute came to my hands.

As per my request, this one of a kind flute was specially handmade in Peru and send to me by my friend Giselle Guerra, who is also a spiritual sister and works in healing therapies.

We were able to capture the moment when the flute was given to me.

The flute was brought to the United States by my friend Israel Cavero (Cancha),

with whom I have more than 40 years of friendship.

Flute of the Elders, its presence and its harmonics make you travel to the origins!

For me, it is an honor to keep alive the legacy of the Amazon River spirits with this flute in my healing sessions!.

If you enjoyed this post, stay tuned for the next, where I will talk about the Reiki Crystals healing Session, and how the therapy with crystals creates a deeply healing experience.

Love & Qi Healing!!!

Master Shifu Orlando Schiaffino

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