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The Ritual of the Heart

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

is a type of Chinese Taoist medicine used to improve emotional health. The person is up and down bumping and shaking.

This inner dance opens our heart to feel the connection between Heaven, Earth, and Humanity awakening our divine consciousness.

Although it is believed according to Chinese medicine that negative emotions cause blockages in the flow of energy in our spiritual, mental, and physical bodies, shaking is the best tool to clear those blocks and release negative feelings.

The negative vibration of stress unbalances the function of your organs and prevents energy flow, causing tension and decreased circulation, in addition to affecting the hormonal system.

If you are already running out of energy due to overwork and are under constant stress, this imbalance can eventually manifest as one of many chronic emotional or physical conditions.

It is really difficult for the Western mind to understand this concept because it has never experienced it. But when my students practice this exercise they understand the concept of balance and energy that the Chinese call "Qi".

This Qigong exercise helps us to produce a powerful internal massage of all our internal organs and helps us release the five evil emotions (anger, anxiety, overthinking, sadness, and fear).

I always invite my students to practice this exercise for 100 days and the vast majority have informed me that their stress level has improved remarkably, and their hours of sleep are more pleasant.

Anytime you're stressed or nervous about something, or just want to do something for fun that feels good, try a few moments of up and down bumping and shaking. If you can, do it several times a day and you can see how your energy changes.

I always tell my students that if we want to enjoy our crossing in this life, we ​​need to lighten our backpacks to have a joyful and satisfying journey.

The Ritual of the Heart is also one of the exercises that I will teach during the

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That will be a great opportunity to learn and practice Qigong & Taichi methods to nourish yourself, maintain your health, and experience the true energetic root of Chinese Medicine.

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Love & Qi!

Shifu Orlando

Simo Ana

p.s: I invite you to practice the ritual of the heart, I assure you that your life will change completely.

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