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What Qigong can do for me? Hear it from our students. (Part 2)

Stress, anxiety, depression, tension, lack of sleep, chronic pain, blood pressure, over weight, are just a few of the many conditions that can be improved with the practice of Qigong.

Prevent health conditions with Qigong
Prevent health conditions with Qigong

But don't take our word for it, read it from our own students.

We have prepared a Posts Series: What Qigong can do for me? with students writing about their experience, how their lives have changed in many aspects since they started practicing qigong with us.

Qigong is for all ages
Qigong is for all ages

If you missed the first publication click here.

As we promised, here is the second testimonial from a Sadana Center student.

Students practicing Fan Qigong
Students practicing Fan Qigong

"Hi my name is Joan, I’ve been Happily taking Qigong lessons from Shifu Orlando at the Sadana Center for 1 year.

I feel like God blessed me with a wonderful gift, when I found Sadana Center.

I have previous Mixed Martial Arts experience, which I had to walked away from after 8 years because of injuries.

Students practicing Tai Chi Wu.
Students practicing Tai Chi Wu.

Finding Sadana Center has exceeded my expectations because shortly after starting I felt my heart came alive again, I didn’t realize how much I missed Martial Arts!!!

I didn’t think my bad knees, and ankles would be able to continue to perform the moves.

To my surprise, I’m learning that Qigong is rooted in martial arts, and has many healing techniques. It has healed me not only physically but also mentally.

Shifu Orlando sharing healing tips.
Shifu Orlando sharing healing tips.

During COVID I felt like I was getting anxious not knowing what was going to happen to our country.

Qigong has taught me how to cleanse negative thoughts and energy around me.

I am learning how to make my energy flow, recharge my batteries, and connect to our beautiful mother earth and heaven.

Practicing Qigong during stressful COVID times.

Stay healthy, strong, full of energy, resilient, balance, calm, even in stressful times with our Qigong classes.

Every time I walk into class I know I have an opportunity for New Beginnings, to be Refreshed.

I have also learned some healing tips also from Shifu, and I feel my Spirit and Soul are in a Happier place because of Sadana Center.

Practicing Golden Turtle Qigong
Practicing Golden Turtle Qigong

I feel honored to have such an skilled teacher. Shifu Orlando who has more than 30 years experience in Qigong, and was taught by Asian Maters of the Art.

My experience at Sadana Center is very uplifting, positive, and I give a lot of respect to Shifu Orlando for truly caring about his students and their needs.

Even after teaching for over 22 years, he’s always smiling and has an intuitive ability to know when his students need extra attention, whether it’s medically or spiritually.

It’s very refreshing to experience and be part of such a caring school.

Recharging energy with heaven Qigong
Recharging energy with heaven Qigong

Thank you Shifu Orlando for introducing me to Qigong, a form of martial arts that we all can gracefully grow old with!"

Qigong exercises for balance, serenity & harmony.

Thank you so much to our student J.!

Dear Qi friends, thank you for reading our blog. Stay tuned for our next post with another testimonial.

More mental, emotional, and physical benefits of Qigong here.

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1-week of Qigong Classes for only $20.

If you want dramatically improve your mental, emotional & physical health, try our Qigong classes, and start feeling a changed from day one.

Mudra of the Heart 💜 Qigong Position
Mudra of the Heart 💜 Qigong Position

If you have any questions or would like to register for our classes please call (727) 458-9123

And to finish, this Saturday, April 23, @ 10 am is our monthly Sound Bath Meditation, and following at 12 pm is our Reiki Level I Certification. Click here to register.

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Love & Qi Healing!

Shifu Orlando & Simo Ana

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