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Are your Chakras Out of Balance?

We have 7 major Chakra centers or energy points running from our head to the base of our spine.

Chakra (pronounced “shock-rah”) is a Sanskrit word for wheel or disk and refers to the unseen energy centers (nerve cells) that are aligned along our spine.

Through our Chakras, we transmit and receive physical, emotional, and spiritual energy. If these subtle energies become blocked through emotional issues such as stress, anxiety, anger, etc. they can manifest as physical problems.

Shifu incorporates healing crystals in Reiki sessions for clearing, revitalizing, and healing the chakra centers and establishing the vital energy of the body. Crystals act as a repair mechanism allowing positive, healing energy to flow into the body as negative, disease energy flows out.

When looking at the crystals associated with each chakra it is common for the color of the crystal to be very similar to the color of the chakra. Each chakra is typically associated with one or several stones.

How To Choose The Right Chakra Stone?

First, you can check the set of stones typically associated with each chakra. Note that the chakras can have several stones and you will need to determine which one works best for you and in which circumstance.

You may also use your intuition or intuitive perception to pick your healing stone. You may look at stones and see which ones are most appropriate because of their glow.

You may feel the energy of the stone by hovering over it with your hand and feeling a tingling or heating sensation.

Or you may just know which one to choose when you need it.

As you become familiar with stones, meditation, healing work, and the energies within and around you, you will begin to incorporate your awareness into different aspects of your life and consciousness.

Studying and working with the chakra system will help you become aware of the powerful life force energy that exists within our bodies, minds, our environment, and ultimately the physical and divine universe. Your body is indeed your temple!

Below is a brief listing of stones and their use with the chakra system to get you started.

  • The root chakra is the first chakra of the body and is located at the base of the spine.

  • The sacral chakra. ...Emotional aspect and family.

  • The solar plexus chakra. ...Inner power

  • The heart chakra. ..Love & Compassion

  • The throat chakra. ...Communication

  • The third eye chakra. ...Vision

  • The crown chakra. Connection with the Spiritual world


Provides the foundations of your being, keeps you grounded and confident.

Location: Base of the spine and tailbone

Colour: Red or black

Gemstone examples: Garnet, ruby, black tourmaline, black onyx

Black Onyx Mantra Of Compassion "Om Mani Padme Hung" Bracelet.
NEW Black Onyx Mantra Of Compassion "Om Mani Padme Hung" Bracelet.


Helps find a connection with others and brings happiness, pleasure, and creativity.

Location: Lower abdomen

Colour: Orange

Gemstone examples: Carnelian, citrine, amber, sunstone, fire opal.

NEW Pyrite and Carnelian Semi Precious stones Bracelet.
NEW Pyrite and Carnelian Semi Precious Stones Bracelet.


Helps us be confident and in control of our actions.

Location: Upper abdomen

Colour: Yellow

Gemstone examples: Citrine, yellow jasper, amber, yellow topaz, tiger's eye

Serpentine & Tiger Eye Meditation Bracelet
One-of-a-kind Serpentine & Tiger Eye Meditation Bracelet.


Allows us to open our hearts to love, compassion, and joy.

Location: Centre of the chest, just above the heart

Colour: Green or pink

Gemstone examples: Jade, peridot, chrysoprase, prehnite, emerald, green aventurine, rhodochrosite, rose quartz.

Rose Quartz & Lava Stone Unconditional Love Matching Bracelet Set
Rose Quartz & Lava Stone Unconditional Love Matching Bracelet Set


Helps us to communicate and express ourselves.

Location: Throat

Colour: Light Blue

Gemstone examples: Sodalite, turquoise, aquamarine, blue lace agate, chrysocolla

Blue Lace Agate "Calming" Bracelet
Blue Lace Agate "Calming" Bracelet


Allows us to be more aware of the world and focus on the bigger picture.

Location: Forehead, between the eyes

Colour: Indigo

Gemstone examples: Lapis lazuli, iolite, sapphire, kyanite

NEW Lapis Lazuli Strength and Wisdom Bracelet.
NEW Lapis Lazuli Strength and Wisdom Bracelet.


The highest chakra represents our spirituality, our visions and helps us reach a higher state of consciousness.

Location: Top of the head

Colour: Violet or white

Gemstone examples: Amethyst, tanzanite, labradorite, clear quartz, diamond

One-of-a-Kind Purple Agate, Amethyst and Clear Quartz Bracelet.
NEW One-of-a-Kind Purple Agate, Amethyst and Clear Quartz Bracelet.

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Love & Qi Healing!

Shifu Orlando & Simo Ana

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