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Updated: Jul 20, 2019

Dear Qi Friends,

it was a wonderful Sacred Fire Summer QiGong Class Celebration at the Safety Harbor Waterfront Park.

Taijiquan & QiGong family who participated in our Summer Fire QiGong special class.

Sadana Center students, family, friends, and QiGong community joined together for this year’s summer celebration!

The right people and companions connected by the same level of consciousness

Shifu Orlando shared with all the participants Fire (Li) QiGong exercises, healing sounds, breathing techniques to keep your spirit alive during the summer season.

QiGong Healing sounds.

The weather was great, the scenic stunning, everybody was happy!.

The end of the event was a blessing with a beautiful doble rainbow.

Shifu said referring to the awesome rainbow : "This is a Taoist signal because the rainbow is the bridge to connect the Heaven with the Humanity"

For the participants that the practice of Taichi and QiGong was new for them, this class helped them to understand that the mind-body and spirit practice such as #Qigong improve the health of the immune system, nervous system, and internal organs.

Also, they experienced how #qigonghealing sounds and breathing techniques melt away stress, the root cause of the vast majority of all disease. Learn more about healing sounds in this post:

We perform Zhang Zhuan QiGong, Li Fire exercises, Shamanic Five animals QiGong.

If you want to learn more about the #healingsounds and how to incorporate them into your Qigong practice you are welcome to be part of our QiGong family.

Sadana Center just opened a new Taichi & QiGong Beginner Class!

Thank you so much all for coming and bringing your enthusiasm and dedication to the art celebrating health, community, and practice.

The class ended with a Qi Emission to the heart Exercise.

Please check our Photo Gallery where you will see around 60 pictures of our event. Also we posted some videos.

If you know anyone who may benefit from this post please share the link with them.

Behind the cameras ;)



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