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How to keep your Aura in good shape.

In the last two and a half years, since the pandemic was declared, many people have turned to holistic methods to help them cope with the uncertain times we are living through.

Currently, many people come to Sadana Center asking about these healing methods.

One such method is aura cleansing.

People need to release their fears and emotional conflicts accumulated for a long time.

They want to end the year 2022 in harmony and they want to be open to receiving abundance in all aspects of their life.

In our previous post, we talked about the Aura. The Aura is our energetic body that is affected by our physical, mental, and emotional state.

For example, if you are always in a bad mood, you are discouraged, tired, sad, depressed, you don't want to go out, you fight with everyone, everything goes wrong...

It is at times like these that we begin to think about our "energy."

This impulse could also be understood as the need to cleanse our aura.

As I offered, today I am going to share some basic tips to cleanse your own aura.

If you missed our last post about why it's important to change the quality of your aura click here.

Quick ways to cleanse your Aura.

1. If you live near the beach and have the opportunity to go swimming early, that is an excellent and effective remedy to cleanse the aura.

2. Pyrite is all about protection and is a stone with great energy. It’s a stone that wants to shield and protect its wearer in every possible way.

Sit in a comfortable place, light incense, play nature sounds, and hold pyrite stones in each hand for about 20 minutes. Close your eyes and practice deep breathing.

3. Pour 4 large tablespoons of unrefined sea salt into a liter of boiling water. Let it set at room temperature. Take a bath, and then pour this water all over your body.

4. Enjoy beautiful sunsets. Remember that the sun not only energizes us but also cleanses our aura.

5. I always recommend registering in a Reiki level 1 course so you can learn to channel the energy of the Universe and apply it to yourself and your families.

6. For a deeper energetic cleansing seek an experienced Reiki Master. Book an Aura Cleansing appointment.

Remember that you are not what you read and know... You and I are the results of what we put into practice in our lives.

Do you know that we can clean our internal organs with Qigong? We will talk about it in our next post! We still have spots available for the new Tai Chi & Qigong group on Mon & Wed at 7:15 pm. Check out our September specials here.

Thank you so much for reading our blog!

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Love & Qi healing!

Master Shifu Orlando Schiaffino

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