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Spring Qi Energy Approaching.

As we approach the spring, we notice that there is special energy associated only with this season of renewal.

Springtime is associated with the wood element, new life, and green colors.

Ancient people have understood and used the concepts of the five seasons (Spring, Summer Yang, Summer Yin, Fall, and Winter) for thousands of years, not only for maintaining health but for making the most of the different qualities of energy within and around themselves.

In doing so they continually balanced and maximized their vital life force.

Spring Cleaning

And why is this meditation so important?

This meditation marks the beginning of Spring, the beginning of a new stage of life.

This is the time of resolving anger with forgiveness and kindness.

This is the best moment to cleanse the liver because according to Chinese medicine, excess anger and frustration lower the energy of that organ.

How we are going to release these stagnant energies and purify emotions to help our liver to perform better?

That day, before starting with the meditation, we will do 10 minutes of Qigong exercises to help us release stagnation, anger, and frustration, and get ready to receive the healing energy from the ancient instruments.

During the meditation, we will focus on harnessing the spring energy to help clear your mind of thoughts from the past and cultivate kindness for yourself and others in the present.

On March 19 let's do a spring cleaning within ourselves to clear the cobwebs of winter and make a clean slate to start over!. Spaces are filling quickly. Register Now.

Qigong For Self Healing

For those that are new to the healing practice of Qigong, during our Qigong classes with the arrival of the Spring, we focus on the organs that are related to the wood element: the liver and the gall bladder.

The liver is the chief organ responsible for processing toxins in the body.

One of the liver's main jobs is to store the blood and filter toxic wastes from the bloodstream.

Another task is to produce many of the alkaline enzymes upon which immune response and other vital functions depend.

With the arrival of Spring, it would be good to consider improving your health, support and boosting your immune system, going outdoors, breathing fresh air, taking your dose of vitamin D with the exposure to the sun for a few minutes in the morning, and start with a Tai Chi and Qigong practice at Sadana Center.

We have a Qi-Spring Special for the month of March. $85 the first month.

Please call Simo Ana @ (727) 458-9123 for more information or to register. Limited space.

Be part of our Qigong students with their happy faces and radiant spirit after each practice!.

If you don't know if Qigong is for you, Sadana Center offers a $20 ONE-TIME in-studio Tai Chi & Qigong Trial Class. More information here.

Please call Simo Ana @ (727) 458-9123 for more information or to register.

In our next post, we will show you what a Sadana Center Qigong class is like.

Happy and Abundant Qi Spring!

Love & Qi healing!


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