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Fire is the element that keep the spirit alive!

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Dear Qi friends,

Summer Solstice is here!

When the fire is in balance, it is warm, glowing, and inviting.

People are drawn to its radiance and gather around it, chatting and laughing with one another, enjoying the pleasure of coming together.

The virtues of the fire element "Li"are: Joy, charisma, connection, sharing, fun, play, communication, and love.

Summer is related to the element of Fire

Summer is related to the element of Fire and encompasses the heart, small intestines, and tongue. Special attention should be paid to associated organs during the corresponding season. Imbalances associated with each element can cause issues within the related organ system.

For example, if the Fire element is out of balance, a person’s joy can be imbalanced. This could manifest depression or too much anger and chaos.

Fire is the element that keeps the spirit alive.

It’s important to remember that these, and any symptom of an element out of balance, can be shifted with #QiGong exercises & acupuncture so the virtues of the element in balance can be enjoyed.

Please in this new season staying hydrated, is very important during the summer season as well as eating lighter meals and foods (Yin food).

Embrace this Summer Solstice with all your heart!!
Love and Qi healing!!!

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