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Updated: May 20, 2021

How did you get to Reiki? That is a question that I am frequently asked.

Let me start by saying that it was a life-changing event.

After living in a Buddhist temple for about 6 years, I began to develop my professional career. During that stage of my life, working in a corporate world, I was under a lot of stress and anxiety. I am talking about 30 years ago. Then, there came a point in my life where I knew something needed to change but I had no idea what that was. Something was missing.

That is how I began to immerse myself in deep meditation and began participating in meditation groups.

It was during that search for my inner peace that I first heard about #Reiki.

And that's when I met my Reiki Master, Lola Espi.

We currently live in a world where a lot of people is lack love. People who would be asking the same questions in their life, as I did myself in the past. People who need a change in their lives and want to heal and release old emotional problems.

I want people to transform their lives and guide them towards the change they want.

I want you to learn how Reiki can teach you to love each other, to respect ourselves, to heal ourselves, to understand the cycles of life, to heal our inner child, to heal our relationship with dad and mom, to forgive ourselves, and to understand the true concept of love and compassion.

If you need to follow that inner voice that is telling you to change your life, or you are in the search of your inner peace, join me on October 17th for a Reiki Level I workshop.

This will be the last Level I Reiki workshop that I will teach in 2020.

The blessings of Reiki are many! Come and join others that like you are in that learning process. Click here for more information about Reiki Level I workshop.

We are extending the early-bird registration until October 9th.

For me, Reiki is an amazing gift that I was able to receive and share with so many people.

I am thankful for my Reiki Master Lola Espi and for all of the wonderful information that she provided to me to create the NEW version of myself!.

Thank you for reading my story and many blessings to you!.

Love & Qi!

Shifu Orlando

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