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Autumn Qi Health.

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

In traditional Chinese medicine, Autumn is associated with the Metal element and the Lungs and Large Intestine organ systems.

On our "Autumn Qi Health" series, we will explain how you can subtly attune to the energies and qualities of this season and the Metal element and learn to fully support your mind and body during the Autumn months, through your lifestyle, diet, and spiritual health practices.

In terms of diet is well to avoid eating an excess of raw and cold foods, which can create Qi blockages. Squash soup, pumpkin, and fresh vegetables are recommended for producing "good Qi" and restoring the body during the autumn.

Grapes are a wonderful internal cleanser and a good tonic for the lungs - but don't eat too many! Quantity (yin) always affects the quality (yang).

Sweets, dairy products, and cold foods all tend to increase mucus buildup, putting ice cream and yogurt at the top of the list of foods to avoid during allergy season. When excessive mucus accumulates in the system, allergens stimulate a much stronger allergic reaction.

Lung qi is responsible for the proper function of the entire respiratory tract, including the nasal passages. Spleen qi controls the transport of fluids; when spleen qi is impaired, weakening digestive function, it can lead to an overproduction of mucus, which tends to collect in the lungs.

Soups in this season and boiled grains are all easy for the body to digest. When digestion is efficient, there is less of a tendency for mucus to build up.

Although Autumn is not a hot season, it’s still vital to keep hydrated to combat autumn dryness. Drinking tea, especially green tea, or room temperature water is a great way to help your body stay hydrated.

Eating healthy soups and stews will also provide valuable extra fluid for your body.

Maintaining regular exercise is also important during autumn and through into winter.

Exercise promotes the flow of Qi energy around the body, strengthens the Lungs, and releases lots of "happy hormones" to keep your mood balanced and stable. 

Qigong is a fantastic exercise to practice at this time of year to help move blockages of Qi energy in your Lung and Large Intestine and to be at one with the powerful transformation of energy that is going on all around you.

If your energy levels decrease you could become physically sluggish and this is when stagnations and blockages of your Qi are much more likely to occur, which can in turn negatively impact your immune system, general health, and wellbeing.

In our next post, we will continue talking about the transformative energy of autumn.

Learn what you can do to strengthen and protect your health during the fall.

Love & Qi for a wonderful Autumn Season!

Shifu Orlando

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