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It's time to demystify the concept of "Breathwork".

Something I learned in the Tian Tan Buddhist Temple in Peru was the power of a good breath.

My Masters always told me that conscious breathing sends very important signals to our brain and all our internal organs.

Today, in a world that goes so fast, full of stress and conflicts, we don't know how to breathe correctly.

we live a busy and stressful life.
We live a busy and stressful life.

Our breathing can send messages of stress or calm, that's why it's so important to listen to it and practice it.

Every day appears "new" holistic techniques and healing methods.

Maybe you have heard about "Breathwork", and it's advertised as the "new" most effective tool you’ve ever seen to transform someone’s life and help reduce anxiety, depression insomnia...

There are many associations that year after year certified thousands of people as Breathwork trainers, teaching them breathing methods that these associations call: "secret methods". (I'm making the air quote symbol with my fingers)

When in fact, what people call breathwork are ancient breathing techniques known throughout mankind's history.

The definition of breathwork is a set of breathing techniques that have been practiced in many ancient traditions in the East.

We are talking about disciplines such as Yoga, Taoist Qigong, and Shamanic traditions that have used these breathing techniques to achieve peace and balance in the spiritual, mental, and physical body.

Breathing with awareness or breathwork.
Sound Bath Meditation
Sound Bath Meditation

During our Qigong classes, we practice abdominal breathing, fire breathing, water breathing, and other ancient techniques that are part of the concept of alchemy in Taoism.

Sadana center students practicing abdominal breathing.
Sadana center students practicing abdominal breathing.

In conclusion, breathwork or breathing with awareness is not something new.

On Saturday, July 16th at 10:00 am during our Sound Bath Meditation, I am going to teach some of these ancient breathing techniques to demystify the concept of breathwork.

I hope to see you there!

Book Online for our events, but if you prefer to register by phone, please call (727) 458-9123

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In our next post, we will talk about another "new technique" (again, I'm making the air quote symbol with my fingers) called "EFT", but it's in fact an ancient Qigong technique called "Tapping".

Love & Qi healing!

Shifu Orlando Schiaffino


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