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Qigong Class: The Stress-Relief Tool Everyone Needs!

With the following post, we have come to the end of our series: What Qigong can do for me? with Sadana Center students writing about their own experiences, and sharing the physical, emotional, and mental benefits that they have experienced with our classes.

If you are new to our blog, please make sure to check the other testimonials below:

Without further ado, here we have the last testimonials!.

Testimonial #1

Grace G.

"As a human being living in this modern and rushed society, I personally find myself dealing with stress, excess emotion, overthinking, and anxiety on a daily basis.

So, what do I do? I do Qigong.

No matter what form it is, whether it be healing sounds, balancing the three Dan Tians, breathing, or Shamanic Tiger Qigong, every practice has the ability to cut through my current energetic state.

During class, a space opens up allowing me to witness and observe the emotion running my mind as opposed to feeling overwhelmed and stuck using my monkey mind alone as a tool to find clarity.

In that space, as the class continues, I set an intention and allow the practice to aid me in releasing and letting go of what I’m holding onto. Without fail, I leave each class feeling more grounded relaxed, and centered than I did when I walked in.

Developing a relationship with the tools of Qigong

"One of my favorite benefits of the practice is to feel. What I mean by “feel” is to pay attention to how the current form and my body are responding in the moment. Keywords here are "in the moment".

I ask myself and notice things like, “is my anger coming up? What side of my body flows better with this movement? Where do I feel stuck?” Sometimes the answer is subtle and sometimes it’s very clear.

Nonetheless, what’s actually happening is that I’m in the present moment. And it’s absolute liberation for my busy mind.

It takes time, discipline, and courage to commit to personal cultivation.

"I cherish the time I make to attend Qigong classes each week with Master Shifu Orlando. I honor and respect greatly his capacity to hold the space for and uplift every student's journey. Over the years he has taught me how to honor this lineage and the Masters and Ancestors before us through traditions and his own personal experience of living in the temple.

Through his example and the example set by the advanced students that I had the blessing to witness before me, I too share a deep reverence for the teachings and the energy of the temple I walk into for class each week.

I became a Tsu-Tsao (blue sash).

"I began my Qigong journey in 2018, however, I feel the real beginning of my journey began when I took Baisi with Master Shifu Orlando and became a Tsu-Tsao (blue sash).

The color of my sash changed physically but my entire being shifted energetically. In this shift, I realized that my commitment and personal cultivation over the last two and a half years leading up to this point had brought me to this place where I was ready to accept and fulfill my role as a disciple of the teachings and this lineage.

I was both excited and nervous. It was a big deal and I wanted to make sure I did my due diligence to meet it.

Prior to this promotion, Master Shifu Orlando had just completed teaching me the Tao called Kwan Yin Fan. Yet I was only beginning to form a deeper cultivation with it.

This Tao carried me through this transition and energetic shift of becoming a Tsu-Tsao. Requires me to step up in my own cultivation as well as meet the strong martial art warrior-like stances, the non-lineal movements, and flow with the smooth connected rhythm.

For me, this Tao represents a time when I, with Master Shifu Orlando’s blessing, went from developing my own personal cultivation for myself to choosing to be disciplined in my own cultivation to be able to pass the teachings on to others to keep the legacy alive".

Qigong has changed my life.

"Practicing Qigong has changed my life by showing me another way to live life. It is a beautiful form of self-love that requires an open heart and discipline. I show up to learn and to love. And I keep showing up because there is always more to learn".

Testimonial #2

Carmen J.

"Sadana center has been my haven in the midst of many of life's storms over the past 5 years.

It has been a blessing to learn and study the vast gifts of Qigong with Shifu Orlando. The weekly classes and daily practice helped me to great thru a very intense period of time in my life.

The various Healing sounds, breathwork, visualizations, and movements have been my faithful companions on my healing journey. I can honestly say Qigong gave me the tools I needed to meet my life challenges with Grace and Ease.

Forever, I am and will be grateful for the teachings I have received from Shifu Orlando and the lineages of Sadana Center".

About Shifu Orlando

Master Shifu Orlando Schiaffino is a professional martial artist with more than 30 years of training and has been teaching for over 15. His training began at the age of 7 years old when he took his first Martial Arts class.

As a younger adult, he lived and studied in a Buddhist Temple Tian-Tan (Temple of the Heaven) in Lima. Peru.

He studied the Chinese Martial Arts Chuan - Fa (Five Animals), White Crane Qi Gong, Buddhist Philosophy; Meditative Arts, and Oriental Healing methods under the direction of the Honorable Master Yin Lung Tsa. Learn more about Shifu Orlando here.

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Love & Qi Healing!

Shifu Orlando & Simo Ana

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