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How to stimulate Lao Gong point to ease anxiety.

Lao Gong is an acupressure point. It is a key point for healing work and Qigong practice and is stimulated to relieve anxiety and eliminate inflammation.

Lao Gong belongs to the Heart meridian. It is located in the palm of the hand, near the base of the ring finger. The function of this meridian is to manage the flow of everything that comes to meet our heart and soul.

Hands: Receivers and Transmitters of Energy.

We received many stimuli, some that are positive and others that are not. The role of the Lao Gong point is to select and authorize only the elements that are positive for us.

The hands are considered receivers and transmitters of energy.

As a receptor, the center of the palms, where the Lao gong point is located, functions as an energy radar through which we perceive in ourselves or in other people the emptiness, the cold, the blockages, the inflammations on the surface or at a distance from the energy body, organs or internal energy centers.

As an emitter, the Lao Gong point is the most powerful. It acts as a source of energy where the three rivers of the meridians that descend along the arm converge: the lung, the heart, and the owner of the heart.

Reiki & Lao Gong point.

Have you heard of Reiki or healing hands?

Reiki is an ancient healing art best known for providing a feeling of deep peace and relaxation. Reiki Practitioners use the Lao Gong point to transfer universal energy in the form of “qi” creating a state of equilibrium, and enabling self-healing.

That is the reason why Reiki is also known as palm healing, healing hands, or hands-on healing.

Reiki Practitioners use the Lao Gong point to transfer universal energy in the form of “qi” creating a state of equilibrium, and enabling self-healing.

Teaching Lao Gong exercises.

We can stimulate the Lao Gong point with different exercises.

In my Qigong classes, I teach students different exercises to massage the Lao Gong point to help alleviate insomnia, agitation, anxiety, and fear.

These exercises bring calm and tranquility.

How to activate Lao Gong point

Place your hands together, in a prayer position, in front of your heart, with the Lao gong points connected. Rub hands together vigorously for a few seconds.

Now separate your hands gently, slowly, and relaxed, and bring them closer, always taking care that the Lao gong points remain facing each other.

Close your eyes and put your attention on that space between the palms of your hands.

You will feel how warm your hands are and a tingling sensation. That is the ball of fire or chi "Qi" between your hands.

The following video is a practice using this important point. It shows 3 exercises on how to stimulate the Lao Gong point.

After stimulating the Lao Gong point, you will open your eyes to a world that has changed, and a time that is unique.

Spending the rest of the day with gentleness towards self and others will help preserve this state of peace and renewal.

My masters always told me how important it is to stimulate the Lao Gong point because that is how we stimulate the fire element in our hearts. And the fire element keeps our spirit alive!

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